A wonderful and life changing Christmas to you!

Author: David Sorensen of Stop World Control

I want to wish all of you a very blessed holiday season, where many of us celebrate the invasion of the Light into this world.

We all have different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and beliefs. But I would like to share a personal encounter I had with the reality of pure love and goodness, that totally transformed my life. I hope this will encourage and inspire you.

Many years ago I was a lost person, because I had no meaning in life. I had turned my back to religion, because of the lack of love I had seen there.

I had no clue about the meaning of my existence and was using drugs to dull the deep void in my soul.

One night I wanted to end my life. As I sat on a bench near a canal, with a sharp knife in my hand, something happened…

Nobody was around. I was alone.

I put the knife to my wrist and told myself:
“One swipe and it’s all over”.

Then out of nowhere I heard a very clear voice:

“Don’t do it. God has a plan with your life!”

This shocked me to the core.

I had turned my back to God long ago, when I stepped away from controlled religion. I told myself there isn’t such a thing as a ‘God’. Evolution had accidentally caused monkeys to become humans, right? God didn’t exist for me anymore…

But this voice was loving, friendly, peaceful and firm.

Yet I was completely alone, during that dark night.

I knew something supernatural had just happened.

It puzzled me, but I put away my knife, hopped on my bike and thought “Oh well, who knows if some meaning may come to my life one day…”, and I went home.

A few years later another event occured that – according to my friends – changed me ‘from a devil into an angel’.

One day I was laying on my bed and suddenly I heard this voice again:

“David, as a child you used to be so open and pure.”

It touched me deeply.

For years I had hardened myself with kickboxing, body building, drug dealing and pretending to be the ‘tough guy’. I told myself I had to be hard as a rock to survive in this harsh and horrible world.

I knew this was God speaking to me, and I knelt on the floor. Years of deceiving myself with lies, to survive in this dark world, suddenly fell off of me, and I realized how building a prison of ‘toughness’ around myself, had resulted in a false identity.

I had lost who I really was…

As I sat on my knees, I broke into tears, because I was overwhelmed with an unspeakable desire to become pure and open again.


No more pretending.

Just be pure as a child again, as I once used to be, long, long ago…

Jesus Christ is the Light

At that moment something happened that was very real, incredibly powerful and life changing. In fact it was so real, that it transformed me completely, in such a way that my friends took bets among each other to see how long my change would last.

What happened?

I will be vulnerable and honest when sharing this, knowing that some may think I am crazy. But here it is:

the ceiling of my room suddenly vanished and I observed an endless dimension full of color, life, movement, brilliance and in fact a majesty I had never seen and have never witnessed since.

The words I can use from our limited vocabulary are: eternal majesty, indescribable glory, boundless beauty…

Yet all these words fail miserably to convey what I saw at that moment. No words can describe such an eternal realm of unspeakable power.

Out of this amazing realm of unlimited splendor came two huge hands down towards me, and they picked me up, as a father holds his child.

I was literally lifted up into the arms of the One who knows us, loves us, wants to help us and cares about us, more than we can ever imagine.

For years I had pushed Jesus Christ out of my life because religion was so cruel and wicked.

I had enough of the people who judge everyone but themselves, and who always have something bad to say about everyone else.

God didn’t exist for me anymore.

But this was amazing. The love I felt was beyond words. All I could do was weep, for a long time.

I came home, where I had always belonged.

I didn’t come home into a religion, a church, some faith or any philosophy or doctrine.

I came home in the arms of a Love that is so great, that it lovingly embraced me, even while I had walked in deep darkness and rebellion for years.

As a child I had similar encounters that were equally incredible, but I will share that some other time.


Sin destroys you!

SinSin destroys you and keeps you from experiencing the goodness of God through his Son Jesus Christ. However God loves you and wants to set you free from sin, so you can enjoy life to the full, as a blessed and fulfilled person, who lives in true freedom, peace and joy. In the link below you will learn what causes sin and how you can be set free from the power of sin, so you can experience the overwhelming love of God.


You are forgiven!

In case you’ve forgotten, you are REDEEMED. You are FORGIVEN. You are anointed with the precious hands of Jesus Christ. You are LOVED. Satan has no say and no power over you because God has claimed you and spoken life into your dead soul. You are HIS. Believe it, sweet child of the King. You are not alone and you never will be.